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Financially-Efficient Ways to Serve You

This list is not complete and subject to change. Call to confirm price and availability before coming in. 

Visit and Lab Prices

Visit and Lab Prices

  • Office Visit- $70
  • Telehealth Visit- $70
  • DOT Physical-$90
  • School Physical (+EKG)-$30 
  • Foster Care Physical-$75
  • Full Physical (Includes EKG and labs-NO RX)-$150
  • Well Woman Exam (22-30) -$100
  • Well Woman Exam (30+) -$200
  • Wellness Panel (CBC, CMP, Lipids, TSH)-$50
  • Vitamin/ Nutrient Panel- $220
  • Hemoglobin A1C-$30
  • STD Panel-$120
  • MMR Titer-$90
  • Varicella Titer-$40
  • Hepatitis B Titer-$30
  • Hepatitis C Screen-$30

Tests and Vaccines

Labs and test prices

  • Strep test-$30
  • Flu test-$30 
  • COVID Rapid Test- $30
  • COVID RPR test- $150 
  • Urinalysis-$20
  • EKG-$50
  • TB Skin Test-$35


Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Initial visit ($140) includes: 

  • consultation
  • prescription for medications
  • blood work
  • weekly B-12 injections

Follow-up visits ($70) include: 

  • consultation
  • prescription for medications
  • weekly B-12 injections 
  • Telehealth follow up availble for Semaglutide patients ONLY

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Initial Lab Visit ($300) includes: 

  • Comprehensive 15-panel lab series 
  • Required prior to initial MAN-PROGRAM visit

Initial MAN-PROGRAM Visit (starting at $200) includes: 

  • Comprehensive consultation including lab result break-down
  • Prescription and 1 month supply of required medications 

Monthly MAN-PROGRAM (Starting at $150) includes:

  • Prescription and Monthly supply of required medications
  • Full access fo NP during business hours 

Follow Up Labs ($125)

  • Required every 3-6 mo

Hormone Replacement

Women’s Hormone Replacement Program

Initial Lab Visit $250

  • Comprehensive 12-panel lab series
  • Required prior to Initial Women’s Hormones Replacement Visit

Initial Women’s Hormones Replacement Visit $70

  • Comprehensive Consultation including lab result break-down
  • Prescription of 3 months supply of medications

Follow up Labs $150

  • Required every 3-6months for prescription refills


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